[First-line: 360 line] Distribution line: Tiananmen front "palm light people"

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[First-line: 360 line] Distribution line: Tiananmen front "palm light people"

Xiaolong, the No. 70 rod of the square seems to be disturbed.

The distribution line worked Chen Chunshuang stared at the Huashi Monitoring system and called.

Ok, let me look at it. Song Xiaolong received a call and immediately went straight to No. 70.

Daily morning, Tiananmen Square has risen, the Hua light is off; in the evening, the national flag landed, the Hua light is at the beginning.

Hua light is a bright landscape on Chang’an Street. It not only adds colors to Tiananmen Square, but also lighters the surrounding pedestrians. Our Warner class is mainly responsible for the daily operation and maintenance management of 15,000 street lights in the center of the corner area in Tiananmen Square.

Hua Lanxue, Chen Chunguang, introduced to the Chinese worker network reporter, white classes to ensure that the equipment is operating properly; night shift patrols, guaranteed the brightness rate.

The duty of Hua Lan-Shi is to ensure 100% of the Hua light. In 2000, Chen Chunguang graduated from power system and its automation.

When I first arrived, he confident was full. Later I found that electricity is only part of the lighting industry. Its terminal is actually an input from electricity as an energy source as an output of the product.

The light is another very professional discipline, which is an unknown area for me. Since then, he began new learning and exploration. In December 2017, Chen Chunguang became the fifth China Lantern shift. In 2018, he first led the team to Tiananmen Square to conduct a rolling operation.

When the high car rose, Chen Chunguang’s right side is Tiananmen Tower, the left is the people’s hero monument, facing the five-star red flag and the people’s contest hall, he is deeply shocked: I think the best patriotic education base is here! Chen Spring is proud.

Today, the brothers have taken the seat belts first, pay attention to safety! Chen Chunshuang reminded colleagues who have begun to begin to repair. Pick up the ball, wipe, check the light source and wiring, replace the bullet, install the anti-pendant network & hellip; & hellip ;, all the operations. From May to September each year, it is the cleaning time of the Hua light.

In order to avoid the peak in the morning and evening, their cleaning maintenance work is generally between 10 or 16 o’clock.

These small black dots are died after the insects have been oxidized, and the traces left after carbonization. In the summer season, the weather is hot.

Hua Lanxue staff still wears a hard hat, wearing a long trousers. The black absorbance portion on the Hua Launch is up to 72 degrees, and the body temperature is at most nearly 50 degrees.

Don’t talk about work, just stand here, sweat is also down. Chen Chunguang said.

Loyalty, work, struggle is our Huaima spirit.

Chen Chunshuang told Med IsoTrotors, our master is very good, our fifth generation Hua light people can also persist, can do better. At the same time, we must also put the spirit of the Huadian, the sense of responsibility and honor of our industrial workers, and the generation through generations! Sudden new crown epidemic is not retired, Chen Chunguang said: I hope this silent fighter will end soon, let more foreign guests And the compatriots in the five lakes came to Tiananmen Square, feel the first of the Hua light, and feel the Hua Lank! (Zhong Industry Network Reporter Guo Aoio Liu Yingjie).