Tianjin Binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park listing 5 years agreed with 3,000 registered companies

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Tianjin Binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park listing 5 years agreed with 3,000 registered companies

Original title: The accumulated registered enterprises have exceeded 3,000, and the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of national small miniature enterprises, the list of national small miniature enterprises, Tianjin Binhai-Zhongguancun Collaborative Innovation Base is famous, became the 5th anniversary of the establishment of Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park Another highlight. Since November 22, 2016, the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park is the same resonance in Beijing Zhongguancun, and the technology innovation will continue to increase. Innovative demonstration role is more prominent, and the ability to serve the national strategy is constantly enhanced, and the accumulated registered enterprise breakthrough 3,000, fully build a new engine in regional high quality development. These days, Zhingshanghui (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhingsunhui") was busy in the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park.

This is mainly engaged in virtual reality application technology (VR / AR) research and development, training technology companies are beginning to advance new projects after setting up.

"We have built an off-campus internship base with more than 10 universities of Tianjin Sino-German Applied Technology, Tianjin City Vocational College, and has also opened a virtual reality application technology.

"Zhang Xiang, general manager of Zhi Dinghui," The new business sector here includes several parts of the R & D center, talent training base, entrepreneurial incubation platform.

For example, our new project will arrange virtual reality vocational skills engineers to provide students with professional training and school counseling for 6 to 12 months. Each year can introduce 50 to 12,000 graduates of undergraduate colleges, promote virtual reality professionals. Employment gather in Binhai New District. "Zhang Xiang said, settled in Binhai – Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park is a good business environment, all-round high-efficiency and high-quality service, let us be in the innovation business. According to statistics, 2019 is now, the Binhai-Zhongguancun Nearly 2,000 registered enterprises in Science and Technology, with an average annual growth rate of more than 35%, and the annual annual growth of registered capital increased by 45%. This is about 600 in technology.

The effective national high-tech enterprises in the district, national science and technology-based SMEs, and the average growth rate of 184%, 182% and 252% respectively this year. More importantly, in the past three years, Beijing companies have accounted for 1/3 of the newly registered enterprises, China Sinocheng Group, China International Technology Intelligence Cooperation Group, China Electronic Technology Group and other central enterprises have settled, and Beijing companies in the park The role of agglomeration of scientific and technological resources, creating intellectual property rights, supporting economic transformation and upgrading. "With the support of Binhai New Area, we firmly grasp the independent innovation and collaborative development attributes of the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, play the first trial system advantage, promote the construction of integrated layout in the park, and Energy Technology Park sustainable development, and introduce integrated services In order to undertake high quality assurance, promote integrated linkage, help integration, and help collaborative innovation sectors. "Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the opening area. At present, Binhai-Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park is fully building "3 + 1" industrial system, forming an intelligent technology industry represented by UNITED science and technology, representing an extension son, life exchange, Dianjie, etc. The new energy new materials industry represented by Blue Star cleaning, and can horn, and the technology service industry represented by Yongcheng, Yongan Tessed, China (Binhai New Area) Intellectual Property Protection Center, Tianjin SME Credit Financing Guarantee Center, etc., is constantly developing and grown. At the 4th China International Import Expo, Shanghai Zhibian Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhizhong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. plans to establish Internet Hospital and pharmacies projects in Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park, and the integration line offline resources, complete Online consultation, prescription distribution, slow disease management closed-loop medical services, is expected to reach 200 million yuan.

"We hope that the strategic direction of the park and the leading industry can not only serve the industrial upgrading of the Binhai New Area, but also complement each other with industries such as advanced manufacturing industry in our city.

"According to the relevant person in charge of the opening area," the park will mention before the service settlement project, continue to make investment promotion, accelerate the innovative entrepreneurial ecological construction, attract more quality projects, driving the industry to upgrade, and help the region to achieve high quality development. "(Reporter Wanhong) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Zhang Jingqi) Sharing let more people see.