Wuzhen’s good voice: talking about the Chinese fighure story to win the fight against the virus "lasting battle"

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Wuzhen’s good voice: talking about the Chinese fighure story to win the fight against the virus "lasting battle"

In the face of global raging, human beings must win the major challenges of this issue of destiny, need to consider, unite and cooperate, fate and share.

What kind of success experience in China is worth sharing? How to talk about the "China Story"? On the 26th, the 2021 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit – Global Antioosepremitter and International Communication Forum, Many guests such as Zhang Bi, Chinese Academy of Engineering gave a number of answers in their hearts.

Winning and the "lasting battle" of the victims, people need to join hands with the people of the world "As long as there is a country’s epidemic, the whole world can’t be said to be victory. Therefore, the people of the world must join hands, unity Consistency, the joint anti-vulcancing can win this war. "Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhang Boli, the honorary principal of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that human and viruses have been held in this stage, and the virus is in the phases, but human beings It is getting clearer and clearer, more and more treatment methods are getting better and better.

"But we can’t fall lightly."

"Zhang Bi said that there is still an external defense input, internal defense, and adhere to the scientific methods and measures, actively promotes vaccination injection, and strives to form a group immunity soon." Jiang Chengxi, the general conference of South Korea in Wuhan, believes that in the context of the new era, whether it is "you" or "I", it is not an individual that is alone, but a part of the Destiny of the country.

The epidemic involves major international security issues, to reach a consensus, continuously strengthen cooperation in international public health care. A combo, the President of the Beijing Branch, said that the epidemic is not a separate issue of a country, but a global issue that needs to be solved by countries around the world.

These include cooperation between media, exchange correct information, combating fake news, providing opportunities exchange experience, and so on. Let the "China Story" of the Talents How to spread China’s abnormal experience with Chinese culture to the world? Chairman and CEO Chen Rui shared the story of Chinese stories. He believes that in addition to true, it is important to say that China’s story is very important, and it must be better enough to obtain extensive dissemination.

"I believe that in the future, with the wave of video, China will have tens of thousands of talented creators, they can create the most boutique video content, and China’s culture can create as these boutique creations Truely go to the world.

"Science and technology is good, there must be, no." "This is a re-understanding of China’s Internet enterprises to the development of enterprises and social development relationships, and thinking. In the forum The service desk "and" gas station "help the anti-vlotrophic social responsibility," For the control of the epidemic, China’s method depicts a blueprint for the world. " "China Daily Network American Reporter Ingang said that China’s anti-vulcania allows the people to have a good public health environment, and achieve economic recovery. The" Net Red "Situ from the United Kingdom shared the story of China’s story during the epidemic I hope that through your own video, let the outside world objectively understand China.

Where is the "key key" of the Chinese story in the post-epidemic era? "There is no doubt that the success of the Chinese fighter model has attracted the attention of the world.

Zhang Wei, a professor of Fudan University, pointed out that in the past international communication, often work hard, panda, green tea, cheongsam this type of Chinese element occupies mainstream, but the more important values ??behind it are insufficient.

He raised some valuable values, such as the "Human Life than all the great team spirit", "the national spirit of the country", "The balance of rights and obligations of rights and responsibility" and "" Human Destiny Community, etc. He believes that further emphasizing these values, not only contributes to establishing cultural confidence, values, and also contribution to the world of Chinese civilization.

"We have a biggest difficulty in international communication." Wu Peng, Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, talked about the era of social media, if you can’t tell the story with the other person, the audience will relatively small. He hopes that there are more Western scholars and reporters in the future, truly let the Chinese culture into the world. (Editor: Zhao Zhuqing, Zhang Feng, Sharing, let more people see the recommended reading.