The 6th "Chongqing Good Teacher" speech contest held 10 people won a prize

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The 6th "Chongqing Good Teacher" speech contest held 10 people won a prize

Awards ceremony.

Southwest University, this competition is wonderful. Many players come from various campus education and teaching, both have a good job for many years, and there are also a new show in the near future. There are both primary and secondary school teachers, music teachers, they are from Different dimensions explain the profound connotation of "Good Teacher".

What is a good teacher’s behavior? Huang Xiaobo, who was born in Shi Zhu, was funded by teachers, and became a teacher and a temperature of education. Xinqiao Primary School player Li Yueru uses love to discover the advantages of the students, teach students to open their minds, learn to love, learn to accept, learn to accommodate.

Huang Ying advocated from practice, starting from the land under the foot, spreading the seeds that students love life, and cultivate students to love the new seedlings of life.

What is the class of "good teacher"? Cao Hao, a secondary school of Southwest University, proposed that the classroom should have the quality sense of "poetry and distant", "the Sheng-oriented" ductility and "inheritance of the blood veins" values. What is a good teacher’s look? Tree Singer Primary School Yang Hui teacher wrote "such as the teacher," seeking new and seeking "," can be built "big love, creation, opening, etc. What is the catalyst? "She embraced her teacher in practice, leading the students’ professional to improve, growing into Yang; Zheng Mao Mao, who refers to the middle school," a reply of five thousand words ", and went to the haze in the students.

  After intense competition, the competition was selected from 10 first prizes, 20 second prizes, 30 third prizes.

At the end of the competition, the judges of the judges Dangu, Dong Xiaoju, a "belief, knowledge, and feelings" of the judges.

First of all, "The rudder of the good belief, the dream of education," this is the persistence of the occupation and the defending of the belief; second, "the bridge of the knowledge", the leader of teaching and educating people ", Three knowledge of the future: brain knowledge, soul knowledge, practice knowledge is the entry point, revelation, the teacher should build a comprehensive and multi-level, multi-level, multi-level, multi-level, multi-level, multi-level, multi-level, have encouraged teachers to "high-spirited sails, do the people and love people The warmth "creates a miracle with the heart of benevolence, creating newcomers, and steady.

  At the ceremony, the winning teachers represent the Nankai Middle School teachers speaking on the child. He proposed that "Lid Tree" is first in education; to "Gan is a ladder", do a good way to guide the principal, the place of dedication; "Advance with the times", "inheritance relay" to promote blood tradition Fusion with modern new sounds. Li Jinyu, a member of the Chongqing Municipal Committee, and Deputy Director of the Municipal Education Commission, said: To adhere to the glorious banner of Tree is Chongqing.

From the example, the "Chongqing Good Teacher" is told to build a dream for the new era.

Finally, he proposed to build a high-level team, consolidate high-quality development roots, continuous grinding and baptism, casting a batch of soul engineers.

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