Wufuyuan Community, Shahe Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Chengdu, Sichuan: Community governance, painting

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Wufuyuan Community, Shahe Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Chengdu, Sichuan: Community governance, painting

  A few chairs, simple white walls, windows, birds.

In the party group service station of Wufuyuan Community, Shahe Community, Shahe Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, shaking the head, and issues "嗡" sound.

  "Su Ayi, the community infrastructure renovation immediately ended, and later governed to hear your opinion today." The secretary of the Shahe Community Party Committee opened the mountain. This opinion exchange meeting called "dam dam" is very common in the Shahe Community. The community residents and cadres face to face, just like Raist, there is something to hide, the purpose is to seek the maximum number of civil conventions in community governance, draw the maximum concentric circle.

  The 77-year-old Su Ayi is named Sovail, has lived in the Wufuyuan Community for 25 years.

"This transformation, it is really bigger than before, you must have a better life, let everyone live more comfortable, I see the first thing to solve the property problem." She said.

  In the past, Wufuyuan Community has also have properties and can always manage it.

Later, the community simply fell into the dilemma of the property, the water pipe broke no one, and there was no one in the air line network. Contradictory disputes frequently, many residents have grievances. "General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasizes the development of the whole process of people’s democracy in the ‘Juyi’ important speech. Community governance is also this.

The property management, the community cadre before the community has repeatedly entered the account, the courtyard ‘dam will’ did not open, and the opinions collected a basket. "I was taken through the head, I was invited to participate in this" dam dam "Director Deng Wei opened the cavity." According to everyone’s opinion, we have already introduced the professional property company, and the community contact coordination guidance, Please ask everyone to supervise the door. Wang Wei Wang Wei, the cadres of the Jinjiang District Park City Bureau, is ingenious to the community, can’t help the plug-in noise: "If you can’t worry about the greening in the posture, everyday maintenance is the property of the property. "Lao resident Zhang Qi students retire for two years, there is nothing in the community in the community, always feel less.

"There are a lot of elderly in the community, there is a activity area, the community has a scorpion plan?" "There is, the pension is a community service."

You are in the room, there is a lot of rooms.

"Gaoli said that the old activities room, the child hustle room, the old canteen, all arrangements," this is also for everyone’s opinion and will soon launch the next step. "" Promoting the modernization of national governance systems and governance ability, community governance can only be strengthened, and weaken.

"Listening to everyone’s speech, Deng Wei’s statement on the spot," Do a good job in community governance, you must use the party’s leaders throughout the process, all aspects.

Next, we must set up the Community Party Branch, the Party Branch of the Property Company, and also set up an owner committee according to the law, and truly form a pattern of party construction leaders and build a sharing. "The more you say, the more you know, the heart is more close. In a small room, the cool laughter will come to any other. Although the work to the Shahe Community is working, but in the heart of the heart, a" road map "that improves the community governance has become increasing The clearer.