The total import of Fujian in the first three quarters exceeded 37% year-on-year last year.

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The total import of Fujian in the first three quarters exceeded 37% year-on-year last year.

Original title: Expand import: buy more, but also buy more than 4th Import Expo held in Shanghai, Fujian "buyers" frequently, introducing advanced equipment and technology, medical equipment and medicines, is in recent years Provincial foreign trade imports maintain high-speed growth rate.

Customs statistics show that the first three quarters of this year, the province has created a new high, imported billion yuan, has exceeded last year, a year-on-year increase of 37%, higher than the national percentage point, and the first place in the east coastal coastal provinces and cities .

  Optimization of imported trade patterns has become an effective floors in the development of industrial agglomeration.

  On the occasion of the opening of the Expo last year, the relevant Ministry of State announced the establishment of 10 imported trade to promote innovative demonstration zones, and the Huli District, Xiamen was selected.

  With this, Xiamen City will expand the import of advanced technology equipment, key cultivation flat panel display, semiconductor and integrated circuit, mechanical equipment, new materials and other hundred billion industrial clusters to the international high-end level; build a special machine and electrical display platform, promote introduction Digestion and absorption; strive for national advanced equipment to import integrated circuit industry in the demonstration zone to implement the value-added tax policy, encourage enterprises to carry out technical transformation, improve product competitiveness; encourage medical industry materials to develop medical and health industry. At the same time, add resource products and imports of agricultural products.

  "These focuses are guided by Xiamen and even the industrial development goals in Fujian, expected to become a fulcrum of transformation of enterprises." Industry insiders analyzed.

  This year, 20 kinds of commodities in Fujian Province are in the country, including stone, sorghum, stainless steel, barley, fish powder and other products imported the first national first; iron ore, copper mine sand, liquid crystal panel and other imports ranked first in the country.

It is especially worth mentioning that due to the steady growth of industrial production in the province, the engineering products have imported billions, growth%, accounting for 17% of the total import value.

  Improve imported facilitating levels, enhance mechanism innovation, is another major factor in promoting the growth of Fujian imports.

  In May, Putian Rongju Port became the first province, the sixth port of my country who met the world’s largest 400,000-ton ore boat relying on loading and unloading. At present, in addition to supplying domestic demand in Fujian Province, Luo Yu Port, in addition to supply of domestic demand in Fujian Province, Hunan, through water and transportation into the Yangtze River downstream province, and through the bonded transfer to Taiwan, Southeast Asia.

  In order to enhance the efficiency of the large-scale bulk customs clearance of Luo Yu Port, Putian Customs is transferred to the business backbone, and the payment group is stationed. It implements convenient customs clearance initiatives, optimizes service security support, and realizes the full process network of the large-scale bulk import in Luoyu Yuzhuang operation area. Supervision, guarantee the goods "ie

Customs also fully implemented innovative initiatives such as "first post-release" "quality certificate according to enterprise application", so that iron mine sand is connected, mixed into detection, and the overall customs clearance time of the outbound area is significantly shortened. Multi-tube, imported articles continue to be big. According to statistics, from 2018 to 2020, the import scale of Fujian Province has expanded from 473.8 billion yuan to 556.1 billion yuan, and it is raised from the 8th to the 7th. (Reporter Zheng Wei) (Editor: Chen Lanyan, Wu Zhou) Sharing let more people see client download.