The 25th National Primary and Secondary School Painting Calligraphy Works Exhibited in Taiyuan City Library

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The 25th National Primary and Secondary School Painting Calligraphy Works Exhibited in Taiyuan City Library

Yellow River News News (Reporter Qilong) On December 12 Diverse, embarrassed young children inheritage inheritance, praise the new era, new life. The 25th National Primary and Secondary School Painting Calligraphy Works Competition was hosted by the China Children’s Center, the Beijing Dragon Cup Public Welfare Foundation, and the Shanxi Division Competition was hosted by Shanxi Jinyi Culture and Art Research Institute. The theme of this competition is "new era, new life".

Nearly 10,000 entries were collected in this competition. Luo Yi, the head of the Shanxi Division Organizing Committee, said, selecting the public exhibition of excellent works, and promoting the traditional Chinese culture while showing the art education of primary and secondary school students, promoting primary and secondary school students to accept art infusions and cultivate artistic specialties.

Exhibiting works include water powder painting, Chinese painting, oil painting, calligraphy, etc., or the theme, or unique, or imagined, attracting many visitors to appreciate. The 12-year-old Cao Riesen group poem "Huanghe Tower Send Meng Haoran" Guangling "" Zhu Ri House "" Fengqiao Nightboo "calligraphy work was selected, he said, the exhibition provided a platform to demonstrate to learn from each other, but also made him more determined Confidence that continues to learn calligraphy.

"The game, the exhibition is a process of learning exchanges, the child’s painting" Maple Leaf girl "participated in this exhibition, with the children to come over, learn the strengths of other excellent works, let her understand their own advantages, know It is not enough for yourself. At the same time, it is necessary to try to make a good results need to work hard. "The parents of the students said. As an important carrier of the Lid Tree, painting and calligraphy education is based on the book and painting, with a painting and calligraphy, drawing a beautiful soul, and strengthening culture.

Feng Rui, who is engaged in art education for many years, participating in the competition, which is conducive to the personality of bravely involving bravely, showing their own knowledge.

"The result of the competition is the affirmation and encouragement of children, will let children have a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence, help them broaden their horizons, growth.

"Aesthetic education is in promoting comprehensive development of children, and cultivating and practicing socialist core values, there is an irreplaceable important role. Rosani said that the exhibition is to promote quality education in an all-round school, promote primary and secondary school students. It plays actively promoting the role, leading the children’s children ink art to show a beautiful home, inheriting the healthy growth in the excellent traditional culture. [Edit: Qian Dragon] Share:.