What should I do if I have repeated diarrhea? Fast use of Kangnberi, diarrhea, more sneaky!

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What should I do if I have repeated diarrhea? Fast use of Kangnberi, diarrhea, more sneaky!

Do you really understand the cause of diarrhea, what is the trust, everyone is very familiar: 2, 3 in the morning is still working hard, there is no inspiration, the stomach is also hungry, simply calling a fried cockroacco; completed A big project, colleague gathering in the hottest hot pot shop, choose the right spicy background, drinking ice beer, and swearing to relieve the work pressure.

In fact, these eating habits are in invisible pressure to our gastrointestinal stomach, causing inflammation in the stomach, if the inflammation does not eliminate, diarrhea can not be completely good.

However, many people didn’t realize this. Naturally, it is more likely to pull the stomach than others! So, what should diarrhea to do better, in addition to pay attention to diet and develop a good habit, everyone should know that inflammation will not automatically disappear, often need With the help of the drug, and only the intestinal inflammation can really stop the diarrhea. However, when you choose the drug, you will often choose some quick and immediate diarrhea.

Like montmorillonine, by adsorbing the intestinal moisture, the purpose of diarrhea is achieved, but the role of bacteria and viruses is weak, the standard is not ruled, it is easy to repeated, and a large amount of moisture is missing, it is easy to cause constipation and bloating intestinal discomfort. The lactic acid bacteria tablets belong to the microbial preparation, which is to achieve diarrhea by changing the intestinal strain environment. There are many restrictions on taking conditions, and the temperature is high, and the action is slow, it can only serve as auxiliary diarrhea. The original stomach is more fragile, it is easy to produce probiotics dependence. Therefore, it is more recommended that everyone chooses relatively mild, but at the same time, it can guarantee the effects of Chinese medicine, such as Many families must have a must-have Kangnberi. This is a big brand that the Chinese is very familiar, and the quality is certainly trusted.

As a parenteral Chinese medicine in the intestinal medicine, Kangnberi Yin Ning contains five-flavored Chinese medicine, and the golden fur ear contains car leaf, and has a pharmacological effect such as intestinal mucosa, laxative, and can be two-way adjustments to the intestine; Flavonoid compound, no food acid, quercetin, etc.

In addition, enteritis will significantly inhibit the increase in capillary permeability, with anti-inflammatory effects, while the intestinal motility has protective inhibitory effects, restores intestinal motion function, and can effectively reduce intestinal sensitivity.

In view, Kangnberi Yining can achieve the effect of diarrhea, and simultaneously eliminate enteritis, directly hit the roots of diarrhea, avoid diarrhea repeated attacks, inconvenience to life and work.

If you face gastrointestinal discomfort, trouble diarrhea how to do, it is recommended to stand up for Kenberi, a striking, solve diarrhea and trouble! Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose to be cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.