The library selection is the same story, the same heartbeat (2)

11/05/2022 0 Comments

The library selection is the same story, the same heartbeat (2)

According to a new research result in "Cell Report" in the last month, everyone listened to their heart rate while people listening to a story.

Professor of Biomedical Engineering in New York City, Lucas Pera, a senior author of the Papers, said: Our heart rate is not random fluctuation.

It is a story that drives the heart. There is a clear link between people’s heart rates and stories.

This findings agree with a large number of studies. These studies have shown that our brain will synchronize when we interact in the same place or participate in the same event or just agree.

This new study is further; it detects that we will become synchronized when listening to a story, even if we are not in the same room, or even listening to others at the same time. This paper describes four small-scale research, and each item has approximately two or 30 participants. In all four studies, when the subject listens or watchs various types of stories, the researchers monitor their heart rate through ECG.

These stories include the short audio fragment of Confucian Versailner’s "Undersea", the educational video excellence and the pre-recorded children’s fables.

Masel Puster wrote at the beginning of the 20th century: Heart won’t lie.

Data tells us that the situation is similar: the link between the heart and the brain is so close, so that when we hear the same story, our heart rate will synchronize. The study found that the subject of the same group produced synchronous heart rate mode. In the process of listening to the story, the heart rate is almost simultaneously and declined. However, if the subject is inverting the number to make it unusable to listen to the story, then their heartbeat will become unacceptable, and the story content that remembers will be less.