Texas Huimin Bao Water Drop Company participates in multi-city Huimin’s project

13/05/2022 0 Comments

Texas Huimin Bao Water Drop Company participates in multi-city Huimin’s project

[] Shandong Dezhou’s first urban custom commercial medical insurance "Texas Huimin Security" is officially launched, and the insured personnel who participate in basic medical insurance, no age, gender, occupation, past medical history and other insured restriction conditions It can be insured. The project was jointly underwritten by 12 commercial insurance agencies such as Texas Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, the supervision of Texas Bank Protection Supervision, and PICC. Previously, water droplets have participated in the operation of Huimin’s project in multiple cities. Among them, Zibo Qi Huoba got more than 200,000 people on the first day of the line, and the number of people in Beijing Pu Wei Health Bao exceeded 3 million. Huimin is an entry-level commercial insurance product, relying on its low threshold high security, the insured conditions are relaxed, and the price is relatively inexpensive. According to the "County Health Protection Analysis Report" recently released by the Water Droplet Insurance Research Institute, Huimin Baobao has played a lot of educational significance for the insurance market. Hemorable insurance for the first time is the first purchase of commercial insurance. This proportion is in the county. The residents reached%. However, Huimin’s products still face less recognition.

  Yang Guang, general manager of water drop, said that in Huimin’s project, the positioning of water droplets is "one-stop" insurance technology service platform, mainly covering product design, platform construction, marketing promotion, drug welfare management, patient service, etc.

Relying on the scientific and technological precipitation of the water droplets, the business qualification of the multi-license, providing the partner to the development of the insurance platform, the development of medical insurance personal account payment system, the development of the ambacid distribution system, the development of the "one-stop" settlement platform. Since this year, water droplets continue to improve operational efficiency through technology, while relying on intelligent marketing system to improve conversion rate.

In the second quarter of this year, 42 million users have been insured through the water drip platform, which has increased by 53% year-on-year. The first year of premiums increased year-on-year, and the overall paid customers of the platform reached 2.4.9 million, and the insurance users were hundreds of millions.