"October Writer Living Line · Hetian" listed

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"October Writer Living Line · Hetian" listed

Event site. After the establishment of Beijing Culture Runjiang Hetian Chuangzuo’s collection of the collection base is established, Beijing Publishing Group will give full play to the professionalism and influence of the "October" literary brand. In order to help Xinjiang’s cultural construction.

The Deputy Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Hetian District Cultural Tourism Bureau vomited Guli Maihuti said: "We will make every effort to make the" October Writer’s Land of Hetian "into a medium that connects the cultural interoperability of Beijing and the two places and deepen each other’s understanding. Through a series of literary exchanges, our readers can fully understand Chinese literature and promote the solid landing of cultural aid projects in Hetian.

"Kang Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Publishing Group, said:" Through the "October Writer’s Residence, Hetian" to set up the bridge of Beijing literature, it will further build a platform for literary creation, publishing, exchanges and education in Beijing. Establish a long -term mechanism for cultural moisturizing and literary riverside, and make new contributions to Xinjiang’s cultural construction. "It is understood that" October Writer’s Location "is the promotion of the" October "literary brand of Beijing Publishing Group at home and abroad. With literature as a carrier, connecting Chinese and foreign, through organizational writers to the" place of residence "for creative experience, we have enforced rich creative experiences, and we will develop a rich creative experience. Various literary and cultural exchanges, promoting the creation of writers and literary exchanges and spread, have become an important base for Chinese writers to go deep into life and an important window for Chinese literature to "go global".

(Supply of Heada Rong Media Center).